I am a NEW believer that an aggressive Internet advertising campaign is essential in today’s Real Estate market.

Social Media is quickly becoming the most popular and the easiest (very user friendly) way customers can find you and your business.

In my opinion a “For sale” sign in front of the property and putting the listing on the “MLS” and waiting for syndication to other web sites is not enough.

There is not a right or wrong way of doing this. Every agent has this or her  own style. Most agents in this day and age have a personal web site for their listings and at the very least post properties on their company’s web site. For some agents videos work well,  just as Craigslist and classified advertising drive potential buyers.

While I have 3 websites www.sellingsanluis.com - my newest and mobile friendly site,  www.centralcoastlistings.com -  my longest standing and very successful site and  www.san-luis-obispo-realty.com,  my company’s “San Luis Obispo Realty” web site  that are all used to publicize my clients interests, I also feel very strongly about Social Networking.

Using FacebookGoogle+Pinterest and Twitter to promote the listing to my network of connections is crucial to a beneficial Social Campaign. By promoting on Social Networks sites the ability to reach a World Wide Audience of potential buyers is Amazing!

Pinterest for instance, allows possible buyers the unique visual advantage of  surveying the community boards I have created to get a better idea of this wonderful County, San Luis Obispo, I represent and see how much it has to offer.

There are true benefits to home Sellers and home Buyers  having  their Real  Estate agent have an aggressive on-line SociaL Media Presence.

I am here to help you with all of your Real Estate needs.

Please go to www.CentralCoastListings.com to see all real estate listings in San Luis Obispo County and thank you for visiting www.SellingSanLuis.com for all updates and real estate news on the Central Coast of California.

Thank you, Monique Carlton – San Luis Obispo Realty.